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Senior Citizens Vehicle Registration

An Alaska resident who is age 65 or older is entitled to register one non-commercial vehicle during that calendar year exempt from registration fees and the motor vehicle registration tax. This exemption applies only to passenger vehicles, motorhomes, vans, pick-up trucks, motorcycles and non-commercial trailers. The vehicle must be titled in the name of the senior citizen. In the case of a leased vehicle, only the lessor (who is the owner) may apply for the senior citizen exemption and the lessor must meet the requirements.  An applicant is only eligible for only one senior, disability or disabled veteran exemption on one vehicle.

To apply, an individual must complete a Senior Citizen Exemption Affidavit. On the initial application, the Affidavit of Senior Citizen must be notarized or the signature of the senior citizen must be witnessed by a representative of the Division of Motor Vehicles. The original senior exemption must be requested in person or through the mail.  Please do not renew over the Internet or telephone renewal services if you wish to apply for a senior exemption.  The senior will also be required to show proof of their date of birth, such as a driver's license, a birth certificate or other applicable proof.

If a vehicle on which senior citizen exemption has been claimed is sold, the license plates stay with the vehicle and the new owner must pay registration fees upon transfer of title.