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Snowmachines & ATVs

Snowmachines and ATVs are not titled in Alaska, however snowmachines are required to be registered, unless they are operated solely on private property.

A snow vehicle is a vehicle propelled by mechanical power, supported in part by ski's, belts, cleats, or low pressure tires and primarily designed to travel over ice and snow. ATVs with low pressure tires may be registered as snow vehicles.

How to register

To register a new snow vehicle, go to your local DMV Office and submit:

Please Note: Snowmachine dealers are required by law to obtain a completed Application for Title and Registration (Form 812) and collect registration fees for snowmachines at the point of sale. Some dealers will act as our agents and process the transaction at the point of sale while others will send completed applications and fees to us for processing.

Snow Vehicle Seasons

You may register a snow vehicle for one to three seasons. A snow vehicle season is two years and runs from October 1st on the first year to September 30th of the second year.

  • $10.00 - One Season (Two years)
  • $20.00 - Two Seasons (Four years)
  • $30.00 - Three Seasons (Six years)

Snow Vehicle Decals

You will get two decals when you first register your snow vehicle. The decal number becomes the permanent registration for the snow vehicle. You will also get a tab each registration period that shows the decals to be valid.

The decals must be placed on both sides of the tunnel (above the footrests and below the seat) so that they are clearly visible when the driver and passenger are seated in the normal riding position.

Please Note: Decals must not cover the serial number.

Please Note: Decals issued prior to September 30, 1998 may be displayed on the cowling of the snow vehicle.

How to change registration on a used vehicle

When receiving a used snowmachine, you must submit an Title & Registration Application (Form 812) and an affidavit stating from whom and when the snow vehicle or ATV was purchased, or how the vehicle was acquired.

Please note: If the vehicle was previously registered, you must also submit a copy of the last issued registration.