State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of Personnel and Labor Relations

Interpretative Memoranda

Memo Date Interpretive Memorandum Subject

Aug. 24 LTC M&IE Travel Pay Clarification
June 19 Holiday Premium Pay (GGU Only) (replaces July 1, 2013 memo)

Oct. 13 LTC Travel Pay Clarification (replaces May 30, 2007 memo)

Dec. 26 Meal Breaks

Sept. 9 Step Placement for On-Call Nonpermanent Substitutes (OSNP) Converted or Appointed to Nonpermanent Positions or Appointed to Permanent Positions
July 1 GGU Additional Meal Breaks
July 1 Holiday Premium Pay
July 1 Holiday Premium Pay (GGU Only) (replaced by June 19, 2017 memo)
Jan. 9 Recall Pay, GGU and SU

Aug. 12 Education Incentive for Bachelors Degree Correctional Officers (CO) and Public Safety Units (AA/AP)
June 25
Wages (replaces October 1, 2008 memo)

October 1
Wages (replaced by June 25, 2010 memo)
July 1
Acting in a Higher Range
Mar. 10
LTC MOU - Duty Station Seniority (incorporated into contract)

Oct. 25 LTC Temporary Appointments
Oct. 24 Acting in a Higher Range - Pay Entity Changes
May 30 LTC Travel Entitlement Clarification (replaced by October 13, 2016 memo)
May 18 Emergency Leave in GGU Contract
Jan. 19 SU Flexible Time Plan Thresholds

Oct. 8 Employee Hand Billing & Related Non-work Activity
June 6 Revised Leave Administration Guidelines
March 6 LTC Tool Allowance
March 1 06-X-001 (rescinded) Wages (replaced by October 1, 2008 memo)
Feb. 28 Shift Differential for Correction Officers
Feb. 28 Temporary Upgrade of a Position's Classification
Feb. 13 Overpayment memo
Feb. 6 Short term / long term non-permanent appointments
Jan 6 Emergency and Donated Leave (GGU)
Jan. 5 New Earning Code for Labor, Trades and Crafts Unit (LTC)

Nov. 8 03-X-001 (revised) Revision of Interp. Memo 03-X-001, Representatives and Stewards
Nov. 7  (superseded) Acting in a Higher Range - Superseded by July 1, 2008 Memo
Nov. 6 Union Business Leave
Nov.1 Donated and Funeral Leave for GGU Employees
Oct. 5 Holiday Pay and Leave Washing
Sept. 8 Volunteering for Hurricane/Flood Relief
July 29 Labor, Trades, and Crafts (LTC) Unit Seasonal Layoff
July 22 Exception Pay for Represented Classified Employees
June 8 Additional Meal Break Memo, see 11-GG-170
April 25 Contract Interpretation GGU Section 21.06.F.3
Feb. 28 Initial Hire Probationary Employees

July 8 Written Offers of Settlement or Changed Conditions
June 7 (cancelled, out of date) Interpretation and Application of Articles 17.2 & 17.3 of the 00-03 SU CBA
March 25 03-X-001 (superseded) Superseded by Revision of Inter. Memo 03-X-001

May 2 02-S-002 (cancelled) Medical Leave Bank, Supervisory Unit Employees
May 2 02-K-001 (cancelled) Medical Leave Bank, Confidential Unit Employees
May 2 02-G-001 (cancelled) Medical Leave Bank, General Government Unit Employees
Cancelled due to language changes in contract

Dec. 12 02-S-001 (superseded) Superseded by 06-X-001
Sept. 28 USERRA Information
May 30 00-G-008 (rescinded) Article 21 - Wages Interpretation set out in LGR 01-G-126

Nov. 13 00-G-004 Section 11.05-Seasonal Leave Without Pay--GGU REISSUED WITH ADDENDUM
July 5 00-G-007 Article 18 Performance Evaluations and Incentives
June 28 00-G-006 Leave Conversion for PERS Eligibles/Layoffs
June 28 00-S-001 Article 24 - Wages, Section 24.3C Geographic Differentials
July 20 00-G-008 Article 21 Wages
June 19 00-G-005 Article 21-Wages, Section 21.01 C, E and F Movement from Step G to Step J
June 9 00-G-003 Proration and Eligibility for One Time Payment
June 1 00-G-002 Article 18 Performance Evaluations and Incentives
May 31 00-G-001 LOA 01-GG-003 Individual Leave Conversion