State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of Personnel and Labor Relations

Interpretative Memoranda

Memo Date Interpretive Memorandum Subject

Dec. 26 Meal Breaks

Sept. 9 Step Placement for On-Call Nonpermanent Substitutes (OSNP) Converted or Appointed to Nonpermanent Positions or Appointed to Permanent Positions
July 1 GGU Additional Meal Breaks
July 1 Holiday Premium Pay
July 1 Holiday Premium Pay (GGU Only)
Jan. 9 Recall Pay, GGU and SU

Aug. 12 Education Incentive for Bachelors Degree Correctional Officers (CO) and Public Safety Units (AA/AP)
June 25
Wages (replaces October 1, 2008 memo)

October 1
Wages (replaced by June 25, 2010 memo)
July 1
Acting in a Higher Range
Mar. 10
LTC MOU - Duty Station Seniority (incorporated into contract)

Oct. 25 LTC Temporary Appointments
Oct. 24 Acting in a Higher Range - Pay Entity Changes
May 30 LTC Travel Entitlement Clarification
May 18 Emergency Leave in GGU Contract
Jan. 19 SU Flexible Time Plan Thresholds

Oct. 8 Employee Hand Billing & Related Non-work Activity
June 6 Revised Leave Administration Guidelines
March 6 LTC Tool Allowance
March 1 06-X-001 (rescinded) Wages (replaced by October 1, 2008 memo)
Feb. 28 Shift Differential for Correction Officers
Feb. 28 Temporary Upgrade of a Position's Classification
Feb. 13 Overpayment memo
Feb. 6 Short term / long term non-permanent appointments
Jan 6 Emergency and Donated Leave (GGU)
Jan. 5 New Earning Code for Labor, Trades and Crafts Unit (LTC)

Nov. 8 03-X-001 (revised) Revision of Interp. Memo 03-X-001, Representatives and Stewards
Nov. 7  (superseded) Acting in a Higher Range - Superseded by July 1, 2008 Memo
Nov. 6 Union Business Leave
Nov.1 Donated and Funeral Leave for GGU Employees
Oct. 5 Holiday Pay and Leave Washing
Sept. 8 Volunteering for Hurricane/Flood Relief
July 29 Labor, Trades, and Crafts (LTC) Unit Seasonal Layoff
July 22 Exception Pay for Represented Classified Employees
June 8 Additional Meal Break Memo, see 11-GG-170
April 25 Contract Interpretation GGU Section 21.06.F.3
Feb. 28 Initial Hire Probationary Employees

July 8 Written Offers of Settlement or Changed Conditions
June 7 (cancelled, out of date) Interpretation and Application of Articles 17.2 & 17.3 of the 00-03 SU CBA
March 25 03-X-001 (superseded) Superseded by Revision of Inter. Memo 03-X-001

May 2 02-S-002 (cancelled) Medical Leave Bank, Supervisory Unit Employees
May 2 02-K-001 (cancelled) Medical Leave Bank, Confidential Unit Employees
May 2 02-G-001 (cancelled) Medical Leave Bank, General Government Unit Employees
Cancelled due to language changes in contract

Dec. 12 02-S-001 (superseded) Superseded by 06-X-001
Sept. 28 USERRA Information
May 30 00-G-008 (rescinded) Article 21 - Wages Interpretation set out in LGR 01-G-126

Nov. 13 00-G-004 Section 11.05-Seasonal Leave Without Pay--GGU REISSUED WITH ADDENDUM
July 5 00-G-007 Article 18 Performance Evaluations and Incentives
June 28 00-G-006 Leave Conversion for PERS Eligibles/Layoffs
June 28 00-S-001 Article 24 - Wages, Section 24.3C Geographic Differentials
July 20 00-G-008 Article 21 Wages
June 19 00-G-005 Article 21-Wages, Section 21.01 C, E and F Movement from Step G to Step J
June 9 00-G-003 Proration and Eligibility for One Time Payment
June 1 00-G-002 Article 18 Performance Evaluations and Incentives
May 31 00-G-001 LOA 01-GG-003 Individual Leave Conversion