State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of Personnel and Labor Relations

Equal Employment Opportunity Program

State of Alaska Diversity Statement:

The State of Alaska, as an employer and service provider, recognizes the need to respect and treat equally all people it hires and serves. We also recognize that the State is in a position to teach by example and offer leadership in sensitivity to diversity. Our concept of diversity is broad, extending beyond those categories of peoples formally recognized and protected by law. Valuing the diversity of a workforce representative of all Alaskans enriches the quality of our service to the people of Alaska.

Program Overview

Executive Order No. 104 transferred the function of administering the equal employment opportunity program from the Office of the Governor to the Director of the Division of Personnel, Department of Administration, effective March 23, 2003. This Order amended Alaska Statutes Title 39 by adding a new chapter (Sec. 39.28.010-39.28.080). In accordance with state law, the Equal Employment Opportunity Program (EEOP) is responsible for the following programs:

  • Training: In conjunction with the Division of Personnel's Training & Development Unit, EEOP staff delivers scheduled and on-request classes to strengthen knowledge and understanding of state EEO policies; state and federal anti-discrimination laws; and workplace diversity. For more information or to enroll in a class, please go to the Train Alaska or contact EEOP staff.
  • Complaint Investigation: EEOP staff receives, investigates and resolves informal complaints of discrimination in employment from current or former state employees and applicants for state employment. In addition, EEOP staff represents executive branch agencies of Alaska state government in front of state and federal enforcement agencies when formal complaints of employment discrimination are filed.
  • Outreach: EEOP staff contacts and presents equal employment opportunity information to individuals and organizations.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action: In conjunction with the Division of Personnel's Employee Record & Information Center, staff prepares reports associated with EEO and Affirmative Action. The EEO Program Manager coordinates, reviews, or determines issues involving EEO-related workplace accommodations and bona fide occupational qualifications in the Executive Branch.

The State of Alaska is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, changes in marital status, pregnancy, and parenthood.