State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of Personnel and Labor Relations

Division of Personnel Policies & Procedures


Subject Code Audience Topic Type
11010 DOP Confidentiality P&P
32000 Technical Svcs PARF POL
32000 Technical Svcs PARF PRO
43000 Director's Office Timesheets POL
61300 Statewide Policy Flexibly Staffed Positions PRO
61304 Statewide Policy Coupled Job Classes PRO
61350 Statewide Policy Multiple Class Positions PRO


Table of Contents

  1. Recruitment
    1. Alaska Residency
    2. All Applicant Recruitment
    3. Continous Recruitment
    4. Applicant Considerations & Interview Requirements (Vet, BU, Underrepresented)
    5. Evaluation of Convictions
    6. Minimum Qualifications
    7. Advanced Step Placement
    8. Unique and Unusual
    9. Provisional Appointments
    10. Employment Eligibility
  2. Employee Placement
    1. ADA Reassignment
    2. Reemployment for Injured State Employees
  3. Layoff
  4. Minimum Qualification (MQ) Determination (moved to 01-Recruitment)
  5. Employment Eligibility (moved to 01-Recruitment)
  6. Employee Records
    1. Record Types
    2. Submitting Documents to Official Record
    3. Records Access and Release
  7. Classification
    1. The Classification System
    2. Job Analysis and Data Collection
    3. Job Classes and Specifications
    4. Position Control
    5. Classifying Positions and Reporting Position Allocations
    6. Bargaining Units
    7. Overtime
    8. Flexible Staffing and Coupled Classes
    9. Services
    10. Delegation of Classification Authority
  8. Travel as Time Worked
  9. Appointment (Previously Audit)
    1. Advanced Step Placement (moved to 01-Recruitment)
    2. Provisional Appointments (moved to 01-Recruitment)
    3. Step Placement Based on Creditable State Service
    4. REMOVED - See Administrative Manual 130.260 and 130.265 (PDF)
    5. Loss of Rehire Rights (Moved to 05 Employment Eligibility)
    6. Extension of Delegation of Authority to Act in a Higher Range
    7. Transfer for the Good of the Service
    8. Nonpermanent Position
  10. Training and Development (Previously Productivity Improvement Center)
    1. The Productivity Improvement Center
  11. Division Procedures (Previously Cross Functions)
    1. Unique and Unusual Circumstances (moved to 01-Recruitment)
    2. Preparing Standard Operating Procedures
    3. Correcting Files and Documents as a result of a dispute resolution
    4. Delegation of Authority
  12. Director's Office
    1. All Human Resource Manager Memorandum Distribution
  13. Delegated LOA's
    (Currently available through the Division of Labor Relations)
  14. Performance Evaluation Investigations
    (Currently available through the Division of Labor Relations)