State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of Personnel and Labor Relations

The Online Position Description System

The Online Position Description (OPD) system is used to submit, approve, track, view, and report on submissions for classified and partially-exempt positions. An OPD submission is a position description, position control change, or nonpermanent position request that requires department and Division of Personnel approval.

Getting Started

Any State of Alaska employee with SOA credentials can revise or create a submission online and forward it for approval.

Training Aids:

  • Training Materials: Powerpoint | PDF Select format for a more in-depth guide about some of the main features in the OPD system.
  • User Guide: Detailed guide including screenshots of main pages of the OPD system.
  • Quickstart: One page brief description of the OPD system

Compatible Browsers

The Online Position Description system has been developed for use with Mozilla 1.6 or greater. Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater may also be used.

Support cannot be assured for older versions of these browsers or for other browsers. Contact your department's IT staff if your browser does not work properly.


If you have questions concerning the system or require assistance, please contact the Classification Operations Team.

For the Departments of Call
Administration; Law; Revenue; Education & Early Development; Health & Social Services; Labor & Workforce Development; or Commerce, Community & Economic Development 465-5646
Military & Veteran's Affairs; Natural Resources; Fish & Game; Public Safety; Environmental Conservation; Corrections; or Transportation & Public Facilities 465-8427