State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of Personnel and Labor Relations

Welcome to the Classification Section!

What We Do

The Classification Section provides professional reviews, analyses, recommendations, and final actions on substantive classification and compensation matters. The primary responsibilities are assisting and advising departmental management and operational staff in classification and position management matters, job analysis and position classification, creation and maintenance of class specifications, establishing minimum qualifications, and assigning pay grades to job classes.

The Classification Section is composed of two functional units:

  • Individual Allocations, which is composed of two teams, each directed by an Allocations Supervisor, and responsible for the review and allocation of individual positions; and,
  • Classification Studies, which is primarily responsible for the creation and maintenance of class specifications, establishing minimum qualifications, and assigning pay ranges to job classes.

Classification Services (PDF)

What Is On This Website

Our website has information to help you evaluate problems and concerns affecting classification in your organization and procedures for requesting assistance from us. The information is presented through Topical Pages and FAQ's. On the right are Links to additional information and Division of Personnel & Labor Relations information systems.

The tabbed pages above provide information on issues affecting personnel management and the role of the Classification Section in mitigating or resolving the impact on your organization. The pages also provide, through a question and answer format, instructions for receiving assistance with managing the issues affecting your organization.

The FAQs provide answers to questions on the State's Classification and Pay Plans, position classification, classification studies, and the procedures for getting assistance with classification.

The Toolboxes provide information, forms, and guidance on personnel administration tasks for Managers/Supervisors and for Department Administrative Staff.

Our Information Systems

The Online Position Description System (OPD) is used to submit, approve, track, view, and report on position descriptions and changes for permanent and non-permanent classified and partially-exempt positions.

Workplace Alaska (WPA) is the State's Online Recruitment System, used by job seekers to apply for vacancies and by hiring managers to post vacancy announcements, receive applications from candidates, and document the hiring process.

Supervisory Employee Article 19 Requests

In accordance with Article 19.1 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, supervisory bargaining unit members may request a union-initiated classification review of their own position by completing the Article 19.1 Request Form (Word / pdf) and submitting it to APEA.

General Government Employee Article 17 Requests

In accordance with Article 17.1 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, any general government bargaining unit member may obtain a union-initiated review of the classification of his/her position by directly contacting ASEA, who shall submit a request for review to the Division of Personnel and Labor Relations. However, all parties are encouraged to submit updated PDs through normal procedures.