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Updated Employee Clearance Form

The Employment Clearance Form was revised 6/27/2014. A request came in from ETS to add a reminder to employees to remove any work product or state email from their personal devices. With the growing use of personal devices (cell phones, laptop, tablets) employees may be leaving state service with email or other work product on their devices. The form is located on the HR Forms page of the website

Please make sure you are using the updated form.

Minor Discrepancy in Application Print View

We have discovered a very minor discrepancy between the Print View and the Online View of applications. In Print View the answer to the Question “What is your highest level of education?” is not visible. Due to some potential confusion by applicants while entering their education a few applicants have chosen “Other” for Degree Received. If you come across an applicant saying “Other” for degree received it is recommended that you view their application online to see what they entered for “What is your highest level of education” to help clarify the applicant’s intent.

9 Steps to Using DVR's Provisional Hire Process Added

A guidance has been added under DVR Provisional Hire to help walk you through the process of making a provisional hire.

9 Steps to Using DVR's Provisional Hire Process (pdf)




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