State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of Personnel and Labor Relations

Who We Are

The Employee Planning and Information Center (EPIC), within the Division of Personnel and Labor Relations, focuses on providing research, employee and position information, and data analysis to executives, managers and human resource professionals within the state system. These services are designed to assist leaders, executives, managers, and human resource professionals in trending and forecasting for their departments. The services made possible by EPIC include information requests made to Employee Records and the Employee Call Center, scheduled and ad hoc reports, publications such as annual reports on employee demographics and employee movement as well as a newsletter on human resource news and events.


The Employee Planning and Information Center (EPIC) provides reporting on employee and position data. EPIC also includes the Employee Call Center and maintains official employee records for classified and partially exempt employees of the Executive Branch.

What We Do

Alaska Statute 39.25.050 directs the Director of Personnel and Labor Relations to "encourage and exercise leadership in the development of effective personnel administration." The Employee Planning and Information Center provides three core services in assisting the Director in accomplishing that mission: demographic research and analysis as it relates to the State's workforce; research into the best practices in human resource systems and their possible application/modification in meeting the State's strategic human resource management needs; and quality management of existing human resource systems and policies to ensure effective, accurate, and timely application of services consistent with statutes, regulations, and contracts.

The Employee Planning and Information Center conducts research relating to the State's workforce demographics and the analysis of demographic trends in preparation for meeting the strategic staffing and development needs of the State of Alaska. Center staff is responsible for collecting, analyzing and reporting the composition and demographics of Alaska's public workforce, noting trends and milestones. The Workforce Profile is published annually each fiscal year, and reports current and historical statistics, notes trends and provides a snapshot of the State's human resources. The Employee Movement Report is published annually each calendar year and reports turnover statistics helpful to State employers in forecasting future employment needs.

EPIC staff is tasked with researching the best human resource practices of other public and private sector employers with the aim of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of State of Alaska human resource management services. Staff also participate in and analyze data from compensation and benefits surveys, conduct and analyze information gathered from employee surveys, conduct historical research on state personnel issues, coordinate and maintain the Division of Personnel and Labor Relations policies and procedures database, and provide research support for collective bargaining purposes.