State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of Personnel and Labor Relations

Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services is responsible for direction and oversight of the State of Alaska's recruitment program and employee placement through the State of Alaska's Injured Workers' Program and the Americans with Disabilities Act Reassignment Program. Additionally, Recruitment Services provides oversight of preferential rights due to layoff and ensures compliance with State and Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration's reporting requirements.

Workplace Alaska

Recruitment Services is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the State of Alaska's online recruitment system, Workplace Alaska, based on employment policy and procedures established in accordance with the merit principle, collective bargaining and employment law. Additionally, Recruitment Services participates in outreach efforts such as job fairs and the Student Intern Program. For more information about jobs with the State, our recruitment process and general information please visit our Workplace Alaska website.

Injured Worker Placement

Recruitment Services facilitates placement of injured employees per Alaska Statute 39.25.158. An injured employee is one who suffers an injury or occupational disease which resulted in termination of employment due to the inability to perform the essential duties of the employee’s position. Additionally, the employee must have separated from a permanent, probationary, or provisional position in the classified service with an injury that is compensable under the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Act, AS 23.30.

If you have questions about this program or believe you are eligible for this program please contact Recruitment Services at 907-465-4789.

Reassignment of a Qualified Employee with a Disability

The Americans with Disabilities Act provides for reassignment as a form of reasonable accommodation for qualified employees. Ideally, employees will be accommodated in their current position. However, if an employee is unable to perform the essential functions of their position with or without an accommodation, and their current department does not have a vacant, available position in their job class or the same range for which they are qualified to perform the duties, Recruitment Services performs a 22 working day statewide job search for a position at the same range or lower for which the employee meets the minimum qualifications.


Recruitment Services maintains the layoff list for State of Alaska employees and assists when employees are recalled to come back to work. Employees with a preferential right due to layoff will be referred for vacancies in their job classification through written correspondence.

Employees who are currently in layoff status and have rights through their collective bargaining agreement to change their conditions for return can update their selections at any time using the Conditions Upon Return From Layoff form located under HR Forms.

Layoff Resources

Organizational Units

A list of the organizational units by Department for purpose of layoff.

Occupational Safety & Health Reporting

Recruitment Services tracks all workplace injuries and provides a yearly summary of reportable injuries by work location in accordance with Occupational Safety & Health Administration regulations. To report a workplace injury please use the following forms:

Located on the Division of Risk Management website.

For questions related to OSHA record keeping or responding to an enforcement officer please contact Recruitment Services at 907-465-6225.

For other Alaska OSHA information please contact the Department of Labor and Workforce Development website.

An employer must report any “employment accident” that results in a fatality, all in-patient hospitalizations, amputations, and losses of an eye and/or eye sight within eight (8) hours. Accidents can be immediately reported to:

  • 1-800-770-4940 or (907)269-4940 (8 am to 5 pm M-F; AK time)
  • 1-800-321-6742 (After 5 pm or on weekends and holidays)