State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of Personnel and Labor Relations

Employee Records Section

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The Employee Records Section of EPIC is responsible for establishing and maintaining the official files and position descriptions files for the State of Alaska. Housed in a secure location, paper records are maintained for active classified service employees and for employees separated in the classified service. These official files contain personnel actions, performance evaluations, nepotism waivers, training course completion notices, accolades, disciplinary actions, I-9 forms, and hiring paperwork. These records are available for reproduction and for examination under certain conditions. Much of the information in these records is confidential under state law and can only be released with written approval by the employee.

Please Note: The Division of Personnel and Labor Relations Payroll Services keeps payroll files and medical records for current employees. Supervisors are responsible for keeping recruitment files.

To obtain copy of any of the documents call the main Employee Records phone or email your request. Contact information is listed above.

Contact the Employee Records section if you:

  • Need copies of documents kept in the official personnel file, such as:
    • Personnel Actions
    • Performance Evaluations
    • Nepotism Waivers
    • Training course completion notices
    • Accolades
    • Disciplinary actions
    • I-9 forms
    • Applicant Profile & Job Qualification Summary
  • Need copies of position descriptions

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