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State of Alaska Internship Program

The Division of Personnel & Labor Relations is pleased to announce the completion of the State of Alaska Internship Program redesign effective August 1, 2008.

This expanded program is designed to align with our strategic initiative to attract and retain a qualified workforce. The program focuses academic study with on-the-job training to introduce and engage students with the benefits of public sector employment, and encourage students to expand their education in a manner that complements State career paths for return to permanent employment.

Redesign of the program includes:

  • Expanding Student Intern requirements to recognize students for internships from Alaska charter, vocational, correspondence, and private schools.
  • Reducing minimum credit hours of required academic attendance for qualifications as College or Graduate Interns.
  • Eliminating specific degree requirements for the College Intern II job class to allow flexibility to both agencies and interns.
  • Opening out-of-state recruitment when either a relevant degree program is not offered by an Alaskan university, or when normal “residents only” recruitments have failed to yield qualified, eligible, and available applicants.
  • Condensing Student Intern III to Student Intern II, and Graduate Intern III to Graduate Intern II.
  • Increasing salary ranges of Student Intern I and II, and Graduate Intern I and II.
  • Advertising all internship opportunities through a centralized recruitment system, Workplace Alaska, to facilitate student accessibility and enhance applicant pools.
  • Expanding the program to allow students to progressively advance through the internship series after successful completion of the training plan and evaluation criteria.

The links below have been compiled for hiring managers and supervisors as an aid to facilitate utilization of the internship program.

The Division of Personnel & Labor Relations looks forward to working with you in developing a great internship experience for our upcoming workforce. If you need assistance or have questions regarding the internship program, contact recruitment staff in your HR Service Center for more information.

* Disclaimer: This revised internship program does not apply to internships under these programs: