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Medical Card Requirement

As a commercial driver, you may be required to submit a copy of your medical examiner’s certificate (MEC) (also called medical or DOT card).

Why do I need to submit a medical card?

Federal regulations require all commercial drivers participating in interstate commerce to complete a medical exam.

You cannot drive a commercial vehicle and conduct interstate commerce without a valid medical card.

Please note: Vision requirements for a CDL are 20/40 or better.  If you do not meet this, you may be eligible for a waiver for intrastate only. Please complete the Vision Waiver Application.

How do I get a medical card?

You must have medical examination (Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination) completed by an examiner on the National Registry.

Please ensure that your medical examiner completes the Medical Examiners Certificate.

Can I submit a long form instead of the medical card?

No. You must submit just the medical card. The long form is not suitable for the DMV to keep on file.

What do I do if my card is illegible/incomplete?

Please return to your examiner to have another certificate completed before submitting it to DMV. If the original expiration date is retained and unexpired, a new examination should not be necessary.

How can I avoid CDL cancellation?

You must submit valid card within 30 to 60 days after the notice has been mailed. However, once your medical certificate expires, you may not legally operate a commercial motor vehicle.

If cancelled, do I re-take tests?

If your CDL was cancelled for not maintaining your medical certifications, you have one year to re-apply for your CDL again without having to take the written tests or five years to re-apply for another CDL without having to take the road tests again.

If cancelled, can I still drive?

You could be cited for operating a vehicle without driving privileges, if you operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) while your CDL is cancelled

You may continue to drive non-commercial vehicles, as long as your noncommercial privileges are not expired, revoked, suspended, or cancelled under a separate action. However, it is recommended that you obtain a noncommercial license to avoid any confusion with law enforcement if you are pulled over.

You can obtain a non-commercial license, if you surrender your commercial driver license at your local DMV office. There is a $20 fee to downgrade to a license without commercial privileges.