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Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP)

Learning to drive a commercial vehicle is a big responsibility. We have provided this information to help you prepare and apply for your Alaska Commercial Learner's permit, also called CLP.

In order to get a license, you must first earn a CLP. Your CLP allows you to drive with a qualified driver in order to learn the skills needed to operate a vehicle safely. You must wait 14 days after earning your learner's permit to apply for your license.

There are different types of CLPs. In order to know which CLP to apply for, you must know the type and purpose of vehicle you will be driving:

  • How heavy of vehicle will you be driving? (see Classes)
  • What type of license will you need? (see Endorsements)


You must be an Alaska resident at least 18 years old and have held a driver's license for at least a year.

Waivers and Exemptions

Alaskans who live off the road system may be exempt from some requirements, please read Guide to Rural Driving

Veteran's may be eligible for a road skills test waiver, please read more about Military and Veteran Support.

If you already have a CDL from another state, please read about transferring a CDL from another state.

How do I get my CLP?

You may need a CLP as a first-time commercial driver or to upgrade your existing license. All testing and materials must be submitted to your local DMV Office, unless you are in rural Alaska,

First-time driver, what to bring to the DMV

To make your trip to the DMV for your CLP as efficient as possible, you must prepare in advance by obtain a medical exam, completing several forms, and preparing for your tests.

At the DMV, you will submit your forms and identification, take several tests, and pay the fees for your permit. Please plan enough time to complete these tasks.

Identification Required

You must bring proof of your Social Security Number and your driver's license. For information about Identification Requirements, please see Your First Alaska Driver License: What do I bring to the DMV?.

Medical Exam

You must have a Medical examiner's certificate (also called medical card or DOT card). Please see Medical Card Requirement.

  • Application Form (Form 415)
  • Commercial Driver Medical & Self Certifying Verification Form (Form 413)
  • General Knowledge (Please study the Commercial Driver's Manual
  • Vision
  • Combination Test (Required for Class IA, only)
  • Air Brakes Test (Required to remove Restriction L - Air Brakes)

Please see current fees

Driving legally with your CLP

With a CLP, you can only operate a vehicle of your class or smaller (see Vehicle Classes).

You will be able to practice driving with a valid, licensed driver in the seat next to you. To be valid, a driver must. . .

  • be at least 21 years old
  • have a license for the class and endorsement of the vehicle you are driving
  • must have held their license for a year