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CDL Self-Certification Requirement

As a commercial driver in Alaska, you must submit a copy of the Self-Certifying Verification Form (Form 413).

Your form tells us your "type of operation" (driving type) which determines the qualifications you must meet to hold a commercial driver license (CDL). Some driving types have to meet federal medical standards and certain other federal standards, such as requring a medical examination.

When will I have to self-certify?

You will be required to certify driving type each time you renew, replace or upgrade your CDL.

We may also require you to certify driving type and medical card by sending a written request to your mailing address on file with us, so please inform

Which type of operation do I pick?

Type of operations are detailed on the Self-Certification Form and in the information below.

Types of Operations for Commercial Driver's Licenses
Name Requirement Description Operation Commerce
Non-Excepted Interstate medical certificate most operations,
to/from outside Alaska
Non-Excepted Intrastate medical certificate most operations,
within Alaska only
Excepted Interstate   excepted operations,
to/from outside Alaska
Excepted Intrastate   excepted operations,
within Alaska only
Excepted or Non-Excepted

Medical requirements are waived on some types or operations, these are called "Excepted." If you drive as part of the one of the following, you do not need a medical certificate.

  • To transport school children and/or school staff between home and school.
    Alaska law requires a DOT medical certificate be provided to hold an Alaska issued license to drive a school bus. More information regarding obtaining an Alaska School Bus license is available at here.
  • As Federal, State, Municipal or Borough government employees
  • To transport human corpses or sick or injured persons
  • Fire truck or rescue vehicle drivers during emergencies and other related activities
  • Primarily in the transportation of propane winter heating fuel when responding to an emergency condition requiring immediate response such as damage to a propane gas system after a storm or flooding
  • In response to a pipeline emergency condition requiring immediate response such as a pipeline leak or rupture
  • In custom harvesting on a farm or to transport farm machinery and supplies used in the custom harvesting operation to and from a farm or to transport custom harvested crops to storage or market
  • Beekeeper in the seasonal transportation of bees
  • Controlled and operated by a farmer, but is not a combination vehicle (power unit and towed unit), and is used to transport agricultural products, farm machinery or farm supplies (no placard-able hazardous materials) to and from a farm and within 150 air-miles of the farm
  • As a private motor carrier of passengers for non-business purposes
  • To transport migrant workers

If you drive any other type of operation, you are considered "Non-excepted", and are required to have a valid medical examiners certificate.

For more information, please see:
Interstate or Intrastate

If you will be driving a vehicle or load (may be goods or passengers) that starts in one state and is transported to or through another state, then choose “interstate commerce.”

If you will be driving a vehicle or load (may be goods or passengers) that starts in Alaska and will not be transported outside of Alaska, then choose “intrastate commerce.”

How can I get Help

If you have questions, please contact Anchorage Driver Licensing at (907)269-3770 or via email: