State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of Personnel and Labor Relations

SALARY SURVEY - list of benchmarks


Executive and Senior Administrators:

1.       Division Director - PX

2.       Division Operations Manager

General Administration:

3.       Administrative Clerk II

4.       Administrative Assistant II

5.       Administrative Officer I

Accounting and Fiscal:

6.       Accounting Technician I

7.       Accountant III

8.      Accountant V

Personnel and Employee Relations:

9.       Human Resource Technician II

10.   Human Resource Specialist I

11.    Human Resource Manager I

Information Technology:

12.    Analyst Programmer IV

13.    Data Processing Manager I

14.    Microcomputer/Network Specialist I

15.    Systems Programmer II

16.    Internet Specialist I

Statistics and Research Analysis:

17.    Statistical Technician I

18.   Research Analyst III


19.    Stock & Parts Services, Journey II

20.   Procurement Specialist III

Other Administrative:

21.    Claims Administrator

Business Finance:

22.   Loan Closer/Processor II

23.   Grants Administrator II

Business Regulation and Compliance:

24.   Occupational License Examiner

25.   Insurance Analyst I

26.   Community Care Licensing Specialist I

27.   Financial Institution Examiner III

28.   Utility Financial Analyst III

Safety Inspection:

29.   Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer II

30.   Occupational Safety & Compliance Officer

31.    Safety Inspection & Compliance, Elevator Inspector

Environmental Health:

32.   Environmental Health Officer III

Revenue and Audit:

33.   Tax Technician III

34.   Tax Auditor III

35.   Revenue Audit Supervisor II

36.   Oil & Gas Revenue Auditor III

37.   Internal Auditor III

Government Management and Operations:

38.   Local Government Specialist III

39.   Budget Analyst III

Economic Research:

40.   Economist III

41.    Petroleum Economist II

Development and Infrastructure Planning:

42.   Community Development Specialist II

43.   Planner III

44.   Transportation Planner I

Emergency Planning and Response:

45.   Radio Dispatcher II

46.   Emergency Management Specialist II

Airport Administration:

47.   Airport Operations Officer

Ferry System Administration:

48.   Ferry Terminal Assistant I

49.   Reservations Specialist

50.   Port Captain

Maintenance Administration:

51.    Maintenance & Operations Superintendent

Real Estate Appraisal:

52.   Right-of-Way Agent III

53.   Appraiser II

Property Management:

54.   Building Management Specialist

55.   Airport leasing Specialist II

Education Programs:

56.   Education Program Assistant

57.   Education Specialist II

Teaching and Instruction:

58.   AVTEC Instructor

59.   Training Specialist II

Student Services:

60.   Alaska Military Youth Academy Team Leader

61.    Recreation Assistant


Library and Archives:

62.   Library Assistant I

63.   Librarian III

64.   Archivist II

Anthropological Research and Education:

65.   Museum Curator II

66.   Archaeologist II

67.   Subsistence Resource Specialist II

Arts, Photography and Information:

68.   Publications Specialist II

69.   Information Officer II

Public Programs:

70.   Child Support Specialist I

71.    Child Support Manager

72.   Eligibility Technician II

73.   Medical Assistance Administrator III

74.   Workers' Compensation Technician

75.   Social Services Program Coordinator

Social Work:

76.   Social Services Associate II

77.   Social Worker II (Children's Services)

78.   Social Worker IV (Children's Services)/Children's Services Supervisor

Special Social Service:

79.   Public Guardian

Vocational Rehabilitation:

80.  Vocational Rehabilitation Assistant II

81.   Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor III

Labor and Employment Services:

82.   Employment Security Specialist IB

83.   Employment Service Manager I

Internship Programs:

84.   College Intern III

Health Administration:

85.   Health Program Associate

86.   Health Program Manager II

87.   Public Health Specialist II

Nursing, Assistive:

88.  Certified Nurse Aide I

89.   Psychiatric Nursing Assistant III

Nursing, Professional:

90.   Nurse II

91.    Nurse II (Psychiatric)

92.   Public Health Nurse II

93.   Nurse IV

Medical, Professional:

94.   Health Practitioner I

95.   Wildlife Veterinarian

Mental and Behavioral Health Services:

96.   Psychological Counselor II

97.   Mental Health Clinician III

Special Health Services:

98.   Pharmacy Technician

99.   Recreation Therapist II

Health Laboratory and Related:

100.     Laboratory Technician

101.      Public Health Microbiologist I

Fish and Wildlife:

102.      Fish & Wildlife Technician II

103.      Fishery Biologist II

104.      Fishery Biologist IV

105.      Biometrician III

106.      Fisheries Scientist I


107.      Agronomist II

Natural Resource and Forestry:

108.     Natural Resource Technician II

109.      Natural Resource Specialist II

110.      Natural Resource Manager II

111. Wildland Fire & Resource Technician III


112. Park Ranger I

113. Museum Protection & Visitor Services Supervisor

Legal Support and Related:

114. Criminal Justice Technician I

115. Law Office Assistant I

116. Paralegal II


117. Attorney II

118.      Attorney IV

Judges and Adjudicators:

119. Administrative Law Judge I

120.      Workers' Compensation Hearing Officer II

Evidence Investigation:

121. Forensic Technician I

122.      Forensic Scientist III - Chemistry

123.      Forensic Scientist III - DNA

124.      Investigator III

Legal and Document Processing:

125.      Recorder II

126.      Motor Vehicle Customer Service Representative I

127.      Motor Vehicle Office Manager I


Law Enforcement:

128.      State Trooper

129.      Lieutenant, Alaska State Troopers

130.      Court Services Officer

Fire Fighting and Inspection:

131. Airport Police & Fire Officer II

132.      Airport Police & Fire Officer V

133.      Deputy Fire Marshal I


134.      Correctional Officer II

135.      Correctional Superintendent I

136.      Juvenile Justice Officer II

Probation and Parole:

137.      Juvenile Probation Officer II

138.      Adult Probation Officer II

139.      Adult Probation Officer IV

Physics and Science Specialists:

140.      Hydrologist II

141. Geologist III

142.      Chemist IV

Environmental Science Specialists:

143.      Environmental Program Specialist III

144.      Environmental Program Manager I

145.      Environmental Impact Analyst III

Engineering, Unlicensed:

146.      Engineering Assistant III

147.      Communications Engineering Associate II

148.      Utility Engineering Analyst IV

Engineering, Licensed:

149.      Engineer/Architect III

150.      Technical Engineer I/Architect I

Architecture and Landscape Architecture:

151. Landscape Specialist

Vessel Construction:

152.      Vessel Construction Manager II

Land Surveying:

153.      Land Surveyor I

154.      Survey, Journey

Cartography and Drafting:

155.      Drafting Technician III

156.      Cartographer II

Food and Custodial Services:

157.      Food Service, Sub-Journey

158.      Food Service, Lead

159.      Environmental Services, Journey II


Aircraft, Automobile or Vessel Maintenance:

160.      Mechanic, Automotive, Advanced Journey/Lead

161. Mechanic, Automotive, Foreman

Equipment Operations:

162.      Equipment Operator, Journey II

163.      Equipment Operator Foreman I

Building and Facility Maintenance:

164.      Maintenance Generalist, Journey

165.      Maintenance Specialist, Bldg/Facility/Construction, Journey I

166.      Maintenance Specialist, Bldg/Facility/Construction, Foreman

167.      Maintenance Specialist, Electrician, Journey II/Lead

Instrument Technician:

168.      Survey Instrument Technician II

Construction Support:

169.      Engineering Technician, Journey

170.      Materials Laboratory Technician, Journey

Vessel and Aircraft Operations:

171. Aircraft Pilot II

172.      Boat Officer III

Office Equipment Operation:

173.      Mail Services Courier

Facility Security:

174.      Security Guard I

Vessel Workers:

175.      Second Mate

176.      Steward

177.      Third Assistant Engineer

178.      Able Bodied Seaman

179.      Oiler