State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of Personnel and Labor Relations

2015 Governor’s Denali Peak Performance Award
Winners and Honorable Mentions

You can find photos from the 2015 Governor's Denali Peak Performance Award ceremony below or go to the Office of the Governor Flickr site to download a copy of the photos.

Co-Worker Recognition Award Winner

Peter Bente Fish and Game No photo

Honorable Mentions:

No Photo Shane Hertzog Fish and Game
No photo Clarissa Moon Health and Social Services
 Jeremy Hegge Military and Veterans Affairs

Crisis Responder Award Winner

Valdez Avalanche Fighters Transportation and Public Facilities  Robert Dunning accepting on behalf of the team
  • Robert Dunning
  • Mark Hanson
  • Darren Reese
  • Peter Carter
  • Robert Edgett
  • Phillip Price
  • James Sparks
  • Dillon Burnett
  • Jeffrey Town
  • MoAnna Bradshaw
  • Clayton Kramer
  • Andrew Shidner
  • David Wiley
  • Jason Breivogel
  • Anthony Knutson
  • Benjamin Ables
  • Dwight Dietrich
  • Stuart Brown
  • Lonnie Fleming
  • Jake Remme

Honorable Mentions

No Photo Division of Public Health Botulism Outbreak Response Health and Social Services
  • Karen Martinek
  • June Pounder
  • Shawne Johnson
  • Ju Lee
  • Michael Cooper
  • Katy Krings
  • Melody Niichel
  • Gina Carpenter
  • Teresa Seybert
  • CJ Kim
  • Jason Grenn
No Photo Rex Leath Public Safety

Customer Service Excellence Award Winner

No Photo Marja Hallsten Law

Honorable Mentions

 Randall Burns Health and Social Services
 Forrest E. Powell III Military and Veterans Affairs
 Evelyn Kirstine Labor and Workforce Development

Customer Service Excellence Team Award Winner

Office of Children’s Services Family Services-Kenai Health and Social Services No Photo
  • Cynthia Derning
  • Katheryn Calloway
  • Fran Martin
  • Jordan Sisto
  • Jackie Hunter
  • Lyn Brooks
  • Lisa Kowalkowski
  • Jessica Veldstra
  • Tonia Thayer

Honorable Mentions

 Riley Woodford accepting on behalf of the team Fish and Game Wildlife Conservation Sanctuary Staff Fish and Game
  • Thomas Griffin
  • Drew Hamilton
  • Ryan Morrill
  • Benjamin Histand
  • Larry Aumiller
  • Polly Hessing
  • Samantha McNearney
 Member Services Call Center Administration
  • Ben Curtis
  • Roman Castro
  • Emil Robert Mackey
  • Krystle Dewitt-Narino
  • Kevin Dilg
  • Anna May
  • Suzanne Morris
  • Clara Perez
  • Connie Riley
  • Jordan Saceda
  • Ronan Tagsip
  • Lori Wilson
 Katharine Eldemar accepting on behalf of the team Local Government Assistance Commerce, Community and Economic Development
  • Margaret Hansen
  • Ken Berlin
  • Leroy Seppilu
  • Andy Durny
  • Jeremy Johnson
  • Iura Leahu
  • Fred Broerman
  • Eli Jacobson
  • Brendan Smyth
  • Lynn Kenealy
  • Jedediah Smith
  • Jeff Congdon
  • Jane Sullivan
  • Roberta Eleazer
  • Ryan Wilson
  • Carol Luckhurst
  • Melody Nibeck

Exceptional Performance Award Winner

William Giltner Transportation and Public Facilities

Honorable Mentions

 Shad Parker Transportation and Public Facilities
No Photo Deb Watier Health and Social Services
 Simone Montayne Natural Resources

Exceptional Performance Team Award Winner

Criminal Suppression Unit, B Detachment, Alaska State Troopers Public Safety
  • Tony Wegrzyn
  • Andrew Ballesteros
  • Eric Taylor
  • Timothy Cronin

Honorable Mentions

 Sandra Woods accepting on behalf of team Waste Erosion Assessment and Review Project Team Environmental Conservation
  • Bob Blankenburg
  • Lori Aldrich
  • Rebecca Colvin
  • Marty Brewer
  • Doug Buteyn
  • Kim Jordan
  • Kym Bronson
  • Doug Huntman
  • Stephen Price
  • Trisha Bower
  • Sandra Woods
  • Sarah Durand
  • Jacob Timmons
  • David Carlson
  • Jamie Gorman
 Tom Howarth accepting on behalf of team Team Kantishna Transportation and Public Facilities
  • Tom Howarth
  • Donald Holum
  • Harold Mowery
  • Caleb Holum
 Glen Marunde accepting on behalf of team Tok District Patch Crew Transportation and Public Facilities
  • Norman Gallen
  • Glen Marunde
  • Mike James
  • Steve James
  • Ted Roach
  • Francis Carbon
  • Bob Brooks
  • John Olding
  • John Birke
  • Henry Brinkman
  • Mark Sakalaskas
  • Charlie Lamphear
  • Justin Reetz
  • Doug Pine
  • Robert Hanson
  • Darryl Ueeck
  • Nick Herman
  • Eric Child
  • Dave McCombs
  • Wade Harbison
  • Michael Coon
  • Cody Omta
  • Wade Heller
  • Chester McCain
  • Pete Weidner
  • Chris York
  • Cindy Gowins
  • Jeff Summar
  • Rick Rallo

Innovation in Cost-savings Award Winner

This is the first year of a sixth permanent category – the Innovation in Cost-savings Award. During these challenging fiscal times for the State of Alaska, it is more important than ever for State employees to take seriously and personally the responsibility for saving money and finding efficiencies as we work to serve Alaskans. Many State employees are seeking to tighten belts and streamline processes in their offices, divisions, and departments. This kind of innovation and personal responsibility is one thing that makes Alaska unique, and is critical as we together rise to the current fiscal challenge.

Kristin Ryan Environmental Conservation

Honorable Mentions

 John Frison Transportation and Public Facilities
 Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and Child Care Program Streamlining Health and Social Services
  • Carolyn Spalding
  • Erin Walker-Tolles
  • Miriha Scalf
  • Brooke Katasse
  • Jesse Parr
  • Marcey Bish
  • Janice Braden
  • Dee Pearson
  • Shawnda O’Brien
No Photo Stan Johnson Education

Leadership Award Winner

Verdie A. Bowen, Sr. Military and Veterans Affairs

Honorable Mentions

 Michael Daigneault Fish and Game
No Photo Janice Braden Health and Social Services
No Photo Glenn Bacon Corrections

Awards for Heroism

Of particularly special note this year is the posthumous recognition of two of our Alaska State Troopers who fell in the line of duty. Sergeant Patrick “Scott” Johnson and Trooper Gabriel “Gabe” Rich were murdered last May while working to protect other Alaskans. Their sacrifice represents the highest service any Alaskan could render another, so their families are being presented with Heroism Awards as a small token of the State of Alaska’s enduring gratitude. May we never forget these two good men or the others like them who daily put their lives on the line to keep our communities safe.

 Sergeant Patrick “Scott” Johnson (posthumously) Department of Public Safety
 Trooper Gabriel Rich (posthumously) Department of Public Safety