State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of Personnel and Labor Relations

2016 Governor’s Denali Peak Performance Award
Winners and Honorable Mentions

Co-Worker Recognition Award Winner

Eric Spitzer Public Safety

Honorable Mentions:

Mary Kay Ryckman Natural Resources

Crisis Responder Award Winner

Alaska State Trooper Kotzebue Post Public Safety
  • Ronald Monigold
  • James M. Wilcox
  • Mitchell Lewis
  • Brian Hibbs
  • Jim Craik

Honorable Mentions

Goose Creek Responders Corrections
  • Travis Boyd
  • Trevor Hull
  • Mark Sehl
  • Kristina Lee

Customer Service Excellence Award Winner

Whitney Kolipano Health and Social Services

Honorable Mentions

Debra Leonardo Administration

Customer Service Excellence Team Award Winner

OCS ORCA Function Team Health and Social Services
  • Dana Penner
  • Sandra DeHart-Mayor
  • Demara Crim
  • Miriam Freas
  • David Lindeen
  • Windy Matson

Honorable Mentions

HCS Licensing and Certification Surveyors Health and Social Services
  • Angela Rick
  • Shelley White
  • Matthew Thomas
  • Nate Reep
  • Joan Green
  • Marjorie Belieu
  • Denise Kichura
  • Nome Boyer
  • Geetha Samuel
  • Mary Perius

Exceptional Performance Award Winner

Marilyn Brooks Administration

Honorable Mentions

Elmer E. Marx, P.E. Transportation and Public Facilities

Exceptional Performance Team Award Winner

Wood Bison Restoration Fish and Game / Environmental Conservation
  • Tom Seaton
  • Darren Bruning
  • David James
  • Dr. Robert Gerlach
  • Laurie Boeck
  • Cathie Harms
  • Rita St. Louis
  • Tim Carder
  • Bob Schmidt
  • Sara Longson
  • Nick Demma
  • Tess Faulise
  • Bob Gingue
  • Dr. Kimberlee Beckmen
  • Josh Peirce
  • Mike Taras
  • Moira Ingle

Honorable Mentions

Mosquito Fork River Litigation Team Natural Resources / Law
  • Kevin Sorensen
  • Wendy Steinberger
  • Jessie Alloway
  • Mike Schechter
  • Mitch Henning
  • Terry Schwarz
  • Dave Schade
  • Rolfe Buzzell
  • Melissa Hill
  • Rocky Weber
  • Scott Ogan
  • James Walker

Innovation in Cost-savings Award Winner

Chris Kennedy Administration

Honorable Mentions

SDS Fair Hearings Health and Social Services
  • Victoria Cobo
  • Laura Baldwin
  • Darcie Schaffer
  • Tammy Smith

Leadership Award Winner

Karen Morrison Health and Social Services

Honorable Mentions

Stephen Hoage Health and Social Services