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Farm Vehicle Plates

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To qualify and apply for farm plates, an applicant must make a statement in the affidavit section of the Title & Registration Application that they live on a ranch, farm or dairy, and derives their main source of income from a ranch, farm or dairy, and that the vehicle weighs 20,000 lbs. or under, unladen weight, and is used only for transporting ranch, farm, or dairy products to or from market or for the transportation of supplies, commodities, or equipment to be used on a ranch, farm or dairy. [AS 28.10.181(h)]

If a vehicle weighs 20,001 lbs. or more, unladen weight, the vehicle must be registered as a commercial vehicle and does not qualify for farm plates.

If the vehicle meets the requirements for heavy vehicle use tax, they are not exempt from this requirement because of the farm plates.

The registration fee for a farm vehicle is $68.00 and is valid for two years, regardless of the body style or weight of the vehicle. [AS 28.10.421(d)(6)]