State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of Personnel and Labor Relations

Governor’s Denali Peak Performance Award

Recognizing and rewarding individuals and teams annually for excellence in service to the State of Alaska Executive Branch and the citizens of Alaska

Co-worker Recognition - For employees who serve as a model of excellence for co-workers on a daily basis
Eligibility - Individual employees up to, and including, first line supervisors

Co-worker Recognition Nomination Criteria

Role Model: Serves as a model of excellence to co-workers on a daily basis. Exemplifies integrity in public service. Chooses the right way, rather than the easy way. Consistently outstanding or admirable performance.

Supportive:  Coaches and mentors co-workers and peers in an encouraging and positive manner. Demonstrates warmth, genuineness, empathy and positive regard for others. Nonjudgmental and accepting. Positive and empowered attitude.

Spirit: Personifies the spirit of the department as a whole and its mission. Consistently demonstrates support of mission and organizational goals. Champions mission to others both within and outside the department. Aligns personal and departmental needs.

Dependable:  Advocates for work group and co-workers, demonstrates interdivisional support of co-workers and consistently values team over individual goals; goes above and beyond to help co-workers achieve team goals. Positively influences motivations.

Customer Service Excellence - For employees who provide exceptional service to internal or external customers or clients
Eligibility - Individual employees and a team of two or more employees

Customer Service Excellence Nomination Criteria

Positive Image:  Enhances client/public’s perception of state employees and agencies by meeting or exceeding client/public’s immediate tangible, procedural and emotional needs.  Consistently demonstrates respectful, equal and fair treatment of all internal and external customers.

Courteous Service:  Always courteous and civil, even in tense, aggressive or hostile situations.  Is sincere and appropriately empathetic with clients.  Genuinely listens to, understands and considers customer concerns, complaints and ideas with the goal of providing assistance.

Service Excellence:  Demonstrates understanding of internal and external customer needs.  Consistently receives outstanding feedback.  Delivers services accurately and on time.  Suggests ways to improve processes to fill customer needs.  Anticipates and then meets customer needs.

Performance: Balances needs of clients or public with agency needs.  Consistently performs at an outstanding level.  Services provided is accurate, timely and of the highest quality.  Accuracy and attention to detail are exceptional.

Exceptional Performance - For employees who demonstrate exceptional performance
Eligibility - Individual employees and a team of two or more employees

Exceptional Performance Nomination Criteria

Productivity: Achievement of significant improvements by resource allocation. Consistently considers availability of time, personnel and funds to efficiently yet effectively deliver services while reducing costs if possible.

Problem Solving: Incorporates innovative approaches to new and reoccurring problems. Anticipate scenarios and plan ahead to minimize disruptions or delays. Maintains an open mind towards solutions and minimizes communications barriers.

Creativity: Participates in activities that are highly original or creative. Generates new ideas and re-evaluates existing procedures to improve productivity. Demonstrates a willingness to go beyond the norm to achieve new perspectives.

Prioritize Objectives: Attains priorities of division, department or state objectives by identifying pertinent goals. Effectively formulates then implements strategies to achieve goals. Ability to balance and consider long term and short term objectives.

Crisis Responder - For employees who, by responding in a crisis, demonstrate exceptional commitment and competence resulting in the protection of public safety, health or the environment.
Eligibility - Individual employees and a team of two or more employees

Crisis Responder Nomination Criteria

Determination in action: Conduct that is timely and bold.

Element of Risk: The level of risk or danger that presented itself.

Cooperation in action: Action taken to utilize available assets.

Effectiveness: The action taken results in the protection of public safety, health or the environment.

Innovation in Cost-savings - For an employee or team of employees whose innovative ideas or actions lead to greater efficiency and a cost-saving to the State of Alaska while maintaining or increasing quality of product or delivery of service.
Eligibility - Individual employees and a team of two or more employees.

Innovation in Cost-savings Nomination Criteria

Innovative: Utilizes ‘outside the box’ thinking to create a unique method of providing a service or completing a project that results in a cost-saving to the State while maintaining excellence in the delivery of services or progress in completing a long- or short-term project.

Leadership: Maintains a positive attitude and is a workplace leader who takes the initiative and is able to gain support from coworkers, supervisors or the public in moving forward with an innovative, cost-saving idea.

Cost-Savings: Cost-savings / gain in efficiency is identifiable and practical with results that are demonstrable, whether on a large or small scale.

Perseverance: Actively took on the challenge of finding a new efficiency or cost-saving and used determination to visualize a potential efficiency or cost-saving and used communication skills to promote the idea to team members or coworkers.

Leadership - For employees who demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities
Eligibility - Employees up to but not including Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners,
Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff, Director of the Office of Management and Budget

Leadership Nomination Criteria

Focus: Motivates others to dedicate themselves to achieving something great. Is humble and elevates everyone. Assertively articulate expectations and builds camaraderie.

Vision: Demonstrates a grasp on what success looks like and how to achieve it. Is capable of communicating the big picture and inspiring others to work in unison towards the goal.

Character: Reveals consistently trustworthy behavior. Observably driven and self-disciplined with willpower and commitment to doing the right thing. Builds excellence by example.

Competency: Displays reasoning and logic when making decisions. Continues to develop skills by taking on new challenges in the pursuit of department or division missions.