State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of Personnel and Labor Relations

Resources and Policies

Last Updated: October 2013



The following links will take you to various resources that, as a new employee, you should acquaint yourself with.

  • ADA Coordinator's Office:
    Information about the State of Alaska ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Office. The ADA Coordinator's Office follows the guidelines of Administrative Order 129
  • Alaska Administrative Code:
    The Alaska Administrative Code as supplemented by the Alaska Administrative Register, is an official publication by the State of Alaska, containing regulations of state agencies filed with the lieutenant governor under the Alaska Administrative Procedure Act (AS 44.62).
  • Alaska Statutes:
    Current Alaska laws enacted by the State legislature.
  • Assistance in Meeting Your Information Needs :
    If your work will require you to keep current on information in your field, check out the services available to you from the Alaska State Library. You can use the link above to sign up for tables of contents of work-related journals or for weekly updates on new federal regulation and legislation based on your interests. Help with research and finding articles and books is also available.
  • Bargaining Unit Contracts:
    Current collective bargaining agreements between the State of Alaska and the various bargaining units representing organized state employees.
  • Division of Personnel and Labor Relations:
    Under the Personnel Act, (AS 39.25) the Director of the Division of Personnel and Labor Relations is responsible for the administration of the Personnel Act and all regulations adopted to implement the Act.
  • Division of Retirement and Benefits:
    Complete benefit and retirement information.
  • Ethics information for Public Employees:
    The Ethics Act (AS 39.52) applies to all current and former executive branch public employees and members of statutorily created boards and commissions.
  • Health Benefit Insurance Information:
    Refer to the following link for determining the appropriate plan information for your bargaining unit.
  • Human Rights Commission:
    The Alaska State Commission for Human Rights is the state agency, which enforces the Alaska Human Rights Law. The Commission consists of seven persons appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Legislature. The Commission employs a staff and maintains an office in Anchorage. The Commission has statewide powers and accepts complaints from all regions of the state.
  • Records & Information Management Service (RIMS) Guide:
    Records and Information Management Guide for new employees. Information on AS 40.21 (Public Records Act) and 4 AAC 59 (Archives & Records).
  • Required Postings:
    The following link takes you to the mandated information that is required to be posted at all State of Alaska work sites.
  • Salary schedules:
    The salary schedules list the semi-monthly, bi-weekly or hourly pay rate for each salary range. There are many factors that determine salary schedules.
  • State Calendar:
    State calendars highlight the payroll warrant distribution days and holidays for both semi-monthly and bi-weekly schedules.
  • State Security Office :
    The primary mission is to develop and recommend a Strategic Enterprise Security Plan to protect the telecommunication and information assets, data, systems, and networks that deliver the communications and information from damage resulting from failures of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
  • Workers Compensation:
    The objective of the Division of Risk Management is to protect the financial assets and operations of the State of Alaska from accidental loss through a comprehensive self-insurance program for normal and expected property and casualty claims of high frequency and low severity, combined with high limit broad form excess insurance protection for catastrophic loss exposures.
  • Workplace Alaska:
    Most positions within the Classified Service with the State of Alaska are filled through Workplace Alaska.