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Fraternal Organization Plates

Fraternal Organization license plates are available for use on motor vehicles.  To be eligible for these plates, you must be a member of the fraternal organization. 

The vehicle must be currently registered in the State of Alaska. There is a fee of $50.00 for each set of plates.  If the plates are lost, damaged or stolen, there is a fee of $50.00 to replace the plates.

To obtain the plates, you will need to complete an Application for Fraternal Organization License Plates (Form 803FO) and pay the $50.00 plate fee.   To obtain the first set of plates, the Affidavit portion of the form must be completed in full and signed.

Please list multiple choices for your plate number in the event your first choice has been previously issued.  If you already have a personalized plate, you may request the same plate for the same vehicle and select "New Design" on the application.  You may purchase plates for all vehicles registered in your name. The vehicle must be currently registered in the State of Alaska.  In lieu of the signed Affidavit, you must provide the plate number of your Fraternal Organization plate that has been previously issued in your name.

The following items will be required to transfer Fraternal Organization Plates if you sell your vehicle displaying the plates:

  • Vehicle Transaction Application;
  • Application for Fraternal Organization License Plates (Form 803FO);
  • Proof of Fraternal Organization Membership
  • Copy of the current registration for the vehicle the plates are being transferred to;
  • Copy of the last registration showing the vehicle to which the Fraternal Organization plate is to be transferred.  (Requested but not required.)
  • Transfer fee of $5.00.

NOTE:  The Fraternal Organization member MUST be an owner of the vehicle that the plates are being transferred to.

You may apply for the plates at any DMV Office.  The plates are individually made when requested; therefore, please allow time for processing.

Currently Available Plates

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