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The Department of Administration administers the managed travel program, E-Travel, serving the State of Alaska Executive Branch, including employees, members of boards and commissions, inmates, witnesses, and other individuals that travel on official State business. E-Travel is comprised of:

  1. Travel policies contained in AAM 60 [PDF]
  2. E-Travel Online, the online booking used for researching, approving, purchasing, and reimbursing
  3. Travel management contractor, which is currently Corporate Travel Management
  4. Other contracts with vendors in the travel industry including airlines, hotels, and rental car agencies
  5. E-Travel Management Team (ETMT), which includes the State Travel Manager, as well as others from the Division of Finance that support this program
  6. Travel coordinators, travel administrators, and travel planners within each department
  7. Employees and others traveling on official State business

E-Travel Service Information and Standards

E-Travel Management Team Contact Information

State Office Building Danielle Meier, Manager
333 Willoughby Avenue, 10th Floor (907) 465-6534
PO Box 110204 (907) 465-2169 Fax
Juneau, Alaska 99811-0204 Email:

Corporate Travel Management Contact Information

Reservation Call Center

E-Travel Online Help Desk

(907) 500-4292 (in Juneau) (907) 500-4290 (in Juneau)
(866) 762-8728 (outside Juneau) (877) 500-4290 (outside Juneau)
(907) 500-4210 Fax  

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