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Frequently Asked Questions

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Booking Tool - GetThere


01. Can I reserve exit rows?

Due to carrier restrictions, exit row seating cannot be selected in this tool. This is controlled by the carrier and/or fare type.

02. Can only MVP fliers sit in the exit row? I’ve noticed that a lot of people are choosing the exit row as a secondary seating preference.

Only travelers that are MVP / MVP qualified or travelers who have paid a full-coach fare may reserve seats in the exit row or the preferred section.

03. If you do not pick the refundable or non-refundable ticket option at the beginning of the travel, can you go back and make sure that the rate is what you want?

All profiles are currently pre-set to book Non-Refundable tickets. The fare can also be a good indicator because Refundable tickets cost much more. You can go back and look by using the Modify link.

  • If you are still in the research process, looking at the flight display page and have NOT made your final flight selection, simply click Modify Search near the top of the page to view the flight preference page. You can click Modify Search again to close the flight preference page or simply scroll down to continue with your flight selection.
  • If you have selected your flights and you are on the final checkout page, make note of the flight number you selected, and then click Modify This Flight next to the flight segment. You will be on the Modify Flight page where you can view the ticket type but you will have to click SEARCH again and reselect that particular flight segment.

04. How do I find the one-way flight options that were available in RESX on the one-way tabs?

Use the Search by Price preference. After the round-trip flight options display, select the Search by Schedule link at the top of the flight options to display the origin one way leg. Once a flight is selected, the return one way leg will display for you to select. Prices will not show, but the itinerary will price once you have selected each one-way leg. Lower price options will also display. Choose the completed option to move forward.

05. How do I get my seating preference to show on the seat map?

Go to the traveler profile Flight Preferences link. There you will see a check box near "Show detailed seat availability information".

GetThere: Flight Preferences

Check the box, then a "window" or "aisle" preference will display on the seat map.

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01. Do other companies accept the Budget CTS form?

No. The form was designed to be used with the Budget contract for Anchorage, Fairbank, and Juneau. Budget in Kenai also accepts the form.

02. Why are the fees for a car more than the total of the daily rate?

Taxes and fees are included in these totals. You will be charged only the appropriate amount at checkout.

03. Why doesn’t Express Booking default to Budget?

Express booking brings back the lowest fare found for the preferred rental companies. Preferred companies in Alaska are Budget, National, Enterprise, and Hertz. Preferred companies in other states are National, Enterprise, and Hertz.

04. Why don’t all four preferred car vendors in Alaska have 3 stars?

The booking tool only allows three vendors to be categorized as "preferred".

05. What determines the type of car that is selected when Express Booking is used?

The preferences the traveler sets on the car preferences screen in the profile determine the type of car selected.

06. What determines the default pick-up and return times for car rentals?

It the car is being booked in conjunction with a flight, the flight arrival (outbound) determines the pick-up time and the flight departure (return) determines the drop-off time. These times may be adjusted at the time of booking if the car will be picked up or dropped off earlier or later.

07. What is the “hand controls” option for rental cars?

This option is for physically challenged drivers. They can choose left-hand or right-hand controls.

08. Is the “snow chains” preference an extra fee?

This depends on the vendor. Some vendors do not offer snow chains because of the damage it can do to vehicles. Some vendors have snow chains and include the price in the rental. You need to check with the rental car vendor for the availability and cost of snow chains.

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01. I want to book two different hotels in one city. When I attempt to “add to trip” for the second hotel, the drop down selection box appeared to only give the option of the origination city.

Click the “Add Item” box even though it displays the incorrect city. The Hotel Search page will display. You will then be able to change the “City or Airport Code” field to the correct city and continue with your search.

02. Why are the fees for hotel more than a total of the daily rate?

Taxes and fees are included in these totals. You will be charged only the appropriate amount at checkout.

03. Why don’t the hotel maps work?

Functionality of maps depends upon the web browser being used. Firefox seems to work best. Although Internet Explorer (IE) 7, 8, and 9 are also supported, the screens display slightly differently. Refer to the E-Travel Online User Guide, GetThere Supported Browser Versions section for more information.

04. How do we make comments regarding hotels?

The traveler can access the hotel’s Review link, or have their travel planner access the Review link, by searching for the hotel in the booking tool and then opening the Review link for that hotel.

05. How do I find a non-preferred hotel, for example the Homewood Suites in Anchorage, without searching forever?

The booking tool is geared toward Preferred properties, which will always display first in each search option.

To find a non-preferred more quickly, enter the Hotel Name on the Hotel Search Preference page, and then click Search. Right above the hotel properties display list is a Sort By: function. Click on Hotel Name and then on the letter “H”. Homewood Suites will be the first option displayed. (Note: if you do not enter the hotel name on the Hotel Search Preference page, it will still work, but when you select the “H” all non-preferred properties beginning with “H” will display and the Homewood Suites is alphabetically the second property displayed.)

06. In the new booking tool, I wanted to add a hotel AFTER I purchased my air travel, but I can’t find a “save” button. How do I continue?

When you add or modify an element on an already purchased itinerary, all you need to do is click "Purchase". This will only add the new element to your existing trip without duplicating any of the already purchased elements.

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01. Why do I receive two emails after I book travel?

The first email generated is a confirmation notification that verifies that the travel was booked. Special verbiage has been written into the confirmation email that clarifies that the email is for confirmation only and the final will come in a separate email. The second email generated is the final itinerary. The two emails have distinct subject lines: Booking Confirmation… and Ticketed itinerary for...

02. Is there a way to get the itinerary on an Outlook Calendar?

Yes. Once you receive your itinerary in the booking tool, open the itinerary and scroll to the bottom of the page. Under the Trip Synchronization section, look for the Outlook/Palm Calendar Dates section and click on one of the links. The File Download box displays. Click Open. The Outlook Appointment page displays. Click Save & Close.

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01. Is the record locator in the Trips list for the airlines or the travel agency?

It is the record locator for the itinerary in Sabre - the agency's locator.

02. How long does a trip stay on the Trips tab?

It depends on the retention schedule, usually 60 to 90 days.

03. I receive an error message upon purchasing when booking a CTS air, car, and hotel. "We are sorry, but we are unable to confirm that your request was processed. Please contact your travel agency to verify that your request has been confirmed." After verifying with the travel agency, I verified the travel specs again before purchasing, but the car rental was not confirmed on the itinerary.

This is standard messaging when a part of your trip was not able to be confirmed. It happens when an element (the car) was unable to process through the GDS (Global Distribution System). Call US Travel to confirm that all elements are in the trip.

04. Why don't the tabs on the home page show which user is being worked with?

Internet Explorer (IE) 8, which is the browser most state agencies are using, does not display this screen correctly. IE9 displays the tabs correctly, as does Firefox.

05. The system seems awfully slow.

GetThere is a web-based tool and is subject to connectivity slowdowns. This tool is configured with company policy and contracts, and “eye candy” is kept to a minimum to help reduce bandwidth requirements*. However, there are other reasons that may cause slower than normal internet speeds.

  • Connection to internet (modem or broadband connection)
  • Network traffic
  • Network maintenance
  • Browser compatibility – Refer to the E-Travel Online User Guide, GetThere Supported Browser Versions section for suggested browsers. If possible, try different browsers. If one seems to be slow, switch to another.

There are no maximum amount of users the server can handle and data uploads will not interfere with site performance. If you are experiencing frequent issues with speed, check the above items including switching browsers. To report slow response times, document the browsers used, date, time of day, and the action you are performing. Send this information to the E-Travel Management Team (ETMT) at

* Time for maximum STATE bandwidth use is between 11 am and 2 pm. Users can experience slow-downs during this time frame.

06. Can I use the browser back button when the system is slow to try to speed up the search?

We recommend that you allow the search engine to complete the search and send back the results. When you click on the browser back button, the search engine continues to work in the background. If you select search again, you have added an additional search that could cause the search engine to slow down more with the additional work load.

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01. Is it possible for travel planners or travel coordinators to get access to build, maintain, and update their own travelers’ profiles? We don't need to be able to add or modify credit card or TSA information but it would be great if we could maintain the rest and do simple modifications if needed.

Travelers have the ability to update their personal information and preferences in their profile.

Department Travel Coordinators process profile creation and deletion. Profile creation is based on specific criteria and formatting for the automation to work.

Other fields are locked down to keep formatting intact or because it could interfere with the process, such as altering the standard email fields.

02. What is the default setting for time display: 12-hour or 24-hour clock?

The default is 12-hour clock. The traveler can change the default to 24-hour on the Display Preferences screen. When the Travel Arranger is preparing travel, the time will display according to the preference the traveler has set.

03. Under Profiles, Traveler Preferences, Flight Preferences, can the “Show detailed seat availability information” field be defaulted (pre-checked) so that a traveler’s seating preferences display on the seating chart screen?

Unfortunately, no (we’ve asked). Travelers / Travel Planners / Travel Coordinators will need to go into the profile and check the box.

04. Are there more traveler seating preferences available besides aisle or window?

USTravel is currently working with GetThere to see if more preferences can be added to a traveler's profile. The option to select a secondary seating preference displays in the personal information section of the profile, but this is only a preference and does not carry over into the seat selection page.

05. I’ve noticed that GetThere doesn’t have the traveler’s full middle name. If it shows on their driver’s license, their profile will need to be manually updated to reflect it.

Yes, the profile could be manually updated to change this information. Another alternative is to have HR update the information in AKPAY. The employee would request this change and the profile would update through the automated update process.

06. I’ve noticed that in the Profile section, under Personal Information, the middle section is populated with PO Box 110201 in Juneau. Should these fields be changed to reflect our agency address?

These fields will never be used by the state as they are mailing address fields for paper tickets. The state only uses E-tickets that are sent by email. As the tool requires these fields to be filled in, we populated them with the Department of Administration, Division of Finance address. It is not necessary to update the fields.

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01. When modifying a research to change the date of return trip, the airfare did not show up and it gave this comment "Flight Total Airfare Unavailable". I had to restart all over so I could get the airfare amount.

This could be due to the fare changing during the selection process, which can happen. We suggest that you save your research as a template so you do not have to start over again completely.

02. Why should I save research?

  • To comply with AAM 60.080 #3 regarding personal travel.
  • To attach to an email when requesting approval for a trip.
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01. Can I look up flight numbers in the Flight Status tool?

No. You must know the flight number you are inquiring about.

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01. When using a template to rebuild a trip, the seat selections (flight 1, flight 2) do not display.

This is the way the current templates were designed to work. Enhancements to templates will be implemented when GetThere migrates to the GTX2 platform. However, we do not have a set date for that migration.

02. When using a template to rebuild a trip, the State Negotiated Rate icon does not display when selecting a hotel room.

These issues are part of the way the current templates (on the GTX1 platform) were designed to work. This should be resolved when templates have been migrated to the GTX2 platform. However, we do not have a set date for that migration.

03. Why might someone want to share a template?

If there is more than one Travel Arranger for a traveler, one Arranger may begin a trip by doing the research and sending it in for approval. Then by sharing the template for that trip, another Arranger could use the template to purchase the tickets without rebuilding the entire itinerary if their co-worker becomes ill or has planned leave.

04. What gets transferred when I share a template?

The components of the itinerary (flights, car, and hotel originally chosen) and the dates transfer. The actual dates of travel must be reentered and then the template will rebuild the trip. The user will be asked to confirm each component again by selecting it.

05. Can I use a template for Car Only or Hotel Only bookings?

For the time being, do not use templates for Car Only or Hotel Only bookings. The template tool does not appear to be designed to function without air.

06. Can the templates be stored under the profiles so that multiple planners can access them?

The template access is unique to the travel arranger’s profile. This gives the user exclusive access to EVERY template they created for any traveler without having to go to each separate profile. Sharing a template is how it’s designed to work in this booking tool for other users to see it. This functionality is similar to the way the TRIP LIST displays in that it gives you the ability to see all at once without having to go into the individual profile.

07. I see every template I have created no matter whose profile I am under, which with 100 plus travelers each year could take me far too long to search thru for the correct one.

It may help to name the templates in a specific way to identify them more easily. Remember that templates are designed to be used over and over again and not just for one trip. Also you can delete the ones you no longer want.

08. When purchasing from a template, the hotel icon is missing in the rate box.

This is a known issue with the template and a ticket has been submitted to GetThere. In the meantime, look in the room description box to find which rate is the state contract rate.

09. When purchasing from a template, sometimes the car does not show the contract rate.

This is a known issue with the template and a ticket has been submitted to GetThere. The template will pick up the car contract rate when you use the Express Booking option. The 3-Star icon will display with the contract rate. When you use the manual selection from the car chart in your search, the template does not price the car with the contract rate. Select Modify, then either use Express Booking or reselect your car from the chart to obtain the contract rate prior to Purchase.

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